John O’ Byrne (Freeware)

ChronoShutdown is a freeware that has the capability to log off, reboot, and shut down a computer system. The main features of this utility are a timer, a clock, and a stopwatch. All these handy tools can be set by the user for his or her particular desktop preferences.

This is the program of choice for automatic restarting and shutting down of the computer during the user’s absence. There is no need to stay up for a download to be completed with this tool at hand. Since it is easy to handle, there is no need for advanced computer skills to operate this utility properly. The application is made for the convenience of the user. An icon that is located in the task bar in the proximity of the computer clock provides instant access to program functions.

ChronoShutdown can be used to shut down a computer at a specific time. The settings are easy to get to given the intuitive surface. The options are varied for all the time-related functions. This program makes the task of turning off a computer more quickly and more efficiently. It is a lightweight utility that requires only 100 KB of disk space. This program is compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows, 2000, Windows XP and Millenium.