Chronograph 6.80

Altrixsoft (Shareware)

Chronograph is a utility that has one main function, and that is to synchronize the internal clock of a computer system to the standard atomic time via the servers of the NIST or National Institute of Standards and Technology. The correction is done automatically. Chronograph also maintains the atomic clock time so that manual correction is not necessary. In addition, the application can also display correct time in different parts of the globe.

Chronograph is a utility developed by Altrixsoft. It is useful to people who require correct time, such as stock brokers. After correction, there will only be a difference of none more than 0.5 seconds between the atomic time and local computer time. This difference is attributed to network transmission delay, which is largely unavoidable.

Chronograph has three operation modes, namely wait-for-connection, manual, and periodical. Chronograph by Altrixsoft synchronizes the time with another server if the server that is it currently using is down. The application connects with the nearest NIST server and compares the correct time with the time on the computer.

Chronograph needs to be set-up the first time it is used. After a minute, the program kicks off automatically and does not need attention from then on. Chronograph works quietly in the background once it has been set up. This is a highly stable program that offers users with reliable and consistently accurate computer time correction.