The Chromium Authors (Freeware)

Chromium is a web browser program developed by The Chromium Authors. Initially released in 2008, Chromium is an open source project wherein Google Chrome is based. The program got its name from the chemical element, Chromium.

The web browser’s window frame is right behind the tabs making it a “convenient grouping” location for the browser’s tabs. Chromium’s tabs are the like title bars, which can be independently moved or grouped together to create a single window for all the tabs. The browser’s tabs can be controlled through keyboard switching. The browser’s tabs also features a toolbar where all the basic information can be found including bookmark, reload, back/forward, go/stop, address bar and more. Unlike most modern web browsers, Chromium utilizes an omnibox, which aims to merge both the search fields and the URL. As for browsing processes, Chromium offers almost the same things that most browsers do including bookmarks, new tab page and history.

Chromium offers additional User Interface including the download shelf and full-sized view of downloads. Instead of using a status bar, Chromium uses a fixed-width bubble floating over the website’s content whenever necessary. The browser also features a “Find in Page” bar that lets users find content/text on a certain webpage. The program also offers an “Option” page where users can tweak and customize the browser’s “userability”. It also has an Incognito mode where the pages viewed are not persisted to the browser’s history. Other main features of this program include infobars, multiple users, low vision support and more.

Majority of the features and codes found in Chromium are also available in Google Chrome.