ChrisTV Online! 8.60

Chris P.C. srl (Shareware)

ChrisTV Online! is an online TV and radio player application developed by Chris P.C. srl. The program is used for playing Internet TV and listening to Internet Radio stations. The program is available in two editions – Premium and Free. The Premium edition is the paid version while the Free edition can be downloaded and installed for free.

ChrisTV Online! offers a comprehensive list of TV channels and radio stations from over 100 countries including USA, France, UK, Portugal, Germany, Spain, and more. These channels are also updated regularly. These channels and radio stations are categorized on the program’s interface based on Type, Country, Station Name, Language, and Category. Users may also add certain stations/channels to the Favorites List for faster access. The program also features the Expat Internet Browser, which can be used to access different websites while abroad. Recording functions are available in the program as well. With this function, users have the ability to record radio and TV broadcasts even when if they are away from the computer. Recorded broadcasts are stored automatically in the computer’s hard disk. The program also offers the “Adjust Recording Length” function. This feature is used for setting the length of the recording. This application also offers users the ability to add their own channels streams.

The following are some of the functions/features not available in the Free edition:

• Limited built-in channels, favorite channels lists, own channels stream
• Flash streams support
• Expat Internet Browser
• Premium TV channels
• Online Streams Recording function