Christmas Super Frog 2.1.2

Koingo Software (Shareware)

Christmas Super Frog is a fun and exciting video game especially designed for kids, though adults may enjoy playing it as well. This computer game is made available as a free download from the Internet. This games is similar to traditional card games played by children a generation or two earlier. This Christmas-themed computer game is one of the front-runners in the category.

The player faces the challenge of recovering missing gifts from the sleigh of Santa Clause. On Christmas Eve, the sleigh broke down and the gifts were scattered everywhere. The main objective of the player is to find all the presents in time for Christmas Day.

There are many challenges awaiting players of this game, which is essentially a Christmas version of the classic Frogger. Skill is required in navigating through busy streets and crossing rivers in order to collect the gifts that Santa Claus is suppose to deliver to the children of the world.

Leveling up in Christmas Super Frog can be achieved by overcoming difficulties and achieving high scores. Christmas Super Frog is a fun freeware guaranteed to interest and occupy children of all ages. This game offers kids ample rewards for their efforts and can thus be quite addictive.