Christmas Evening 3D Screensaver

3Planesoft (Shareware)

Christmas Evening 3D Screensaver is a desktop application that changes the computer’s screensaver to a Christmas evening setting. As a default setting, a screensaver is displayed on the screen every time the computer is idle for a specific period of time. The type of screensaver can be changed under Windows System Utilities. With this application, the screensaver can be set to a 3D version of a Christmas environment.

The screensaver is set one Christmas evening and there is a Christmas display placed on top of a table. The display includes a clock shaped like a house, Christmas balls, an angel, candles, beads, a snowman, and poinsettia flowers. The room is dimly lit has red curtains partly covering snow-covered windows. Users can also see the snowflakes falling from the sky. The camera pans across and takes the viewers across the room to see the display in different angles. Background music also accompanies the 3D screensaver.

Christmas Evening 3D Screensaver has an options window where users can configure the program’s settings. Some of the options for the screensaver include the background music to use (users have the option to use the default music or use their own MP3 file) and the size of the screensaver.