Christmas 3D Screensaver v1.0

3Planesoft (Proprietary)

Christmas 3D Screensaver is a three-dimensional screensaver developed by 3Planesoft and released on December 2005. This screensaver features a Christmas scene with colorful stars and Christmas lights littering the blue night sky. A snowman walks on the snow-covered grounds wearing goggles, earmuffs, top hat, scarf, and gloves. He walks past a tall Christmas tree, then a pile of gifts, heading towards a gramophone where he puts on the music. He then walks back to where he came from.

Christmas 3D Screensaver offers some configuration options. The Options dialog box features a video mode selection box to choose the screen resolution for the video loop. It also displays a Monitor Selection box that enables users to choose which monitors to apply the screensaver to. This is particularly useful in a multi-monitor setup. The dialog box also shows tick boxes for miscellaneous options to enable High texture quality, Exit on Mouse move, Widescreen emulation, and Show FPS. Users can also manage the Gamma control using a slider tool preset in 1.00. Monitor Aspect Ratio is set in Autodetect by default. The Christmas 3D Screensaver also comes with accompanying Christmas-themed music and ambient sounds. Users may control the volume for both music and sound effects using a slider. Both music and sound can also be disabled by clicking the tick boxes corresponding to each.