Christian Radio Player

Alexander Loewen (Freeware)

Christian Radio Player is developed by Alexander Loewen and is mainly intended for the reception of Christian radio stations online. With this application, users can insert radio stations manually after searching the Web for available broadcasts.  Editing and deleting functions are available as well.

This utility is designed to stream German stations such as BBN Radio and ERF Plus, but it also features English-speaking radio stations and other foreign broadcasts. The following are some of the other featured stations of Christian Radio Player:
• Trans World Radio (Ukrainian)
• DWG Radio (Arabic)
• BBN Radio (Portuguese)
• Russian Christian Radio
• Radio New Hope (Multiple languages)

This program also has a UCB UK Bible available. This program presents users with a drop-down menu to facilitate navigation and ease of operations.

Aside from listening to radio broadcasts over the Internet, users of this application can also record broadcasts on request. The recording is stored in MP3 format.  This radio player includes other functionalities and additional features such as online Bible, alarm clock, recording feature, notepad, and time and date display. If the user prefers that player presents the user with the name of the artist.

The multilingual Christian Radio Player gives users the chance to change the superscription and background of the player.