Two Pilots (Shareware)

CHM2PDF Pilot is a document conversion tool developed by Two Pilots and released on March 2011. The program converts CHM files into PDF image files. CHM stands for Compiled HTML format. CHM files are rarely recognized by commercially available programs. Thus, CHM2PDF Pilot is a very helpful solution when working with CHM files.

CHM2PDF Pilot features a simple graphical user interface. It sports a classic grey and blue theme. The window is divided into two portions. The top half is occupied by the window showing the files to be converted. The bottom half of the window displays the converted files. Files are shown with their corresponding file name and file path. Users may add or remove files using the buttons on the right side of the window. Users may add individual files or choose to add whole folders. When a folder is added into the program, all CHM files inside are automatically listed on the first window. Users can configure the output folder path using the Browse button. Users may configure some settings on the output PDF format through the PDF settings button at the lower right portions. The program also enables users to merge multiple CHM files into one PDF file. To initiate the conversion process, users can click the Convert button found at the bottom right portion of the window.