Chit Chat for Facebook 1.51

Athena IT Limited (Freeware)

Chit Chat is an instant messaging program that Facebook users can get for free. This application lets users start a chat session with their Facebook friends directly from the desktop. The application connects to the social network and eliminates the need for a web browser in order to talk over the network’s chat application, called Facebook Chat. This application is an alternative to Facebook Messenger for accessing Facebook Chat on a Windows computer.

Among the numerous features of this IM application are the following:

• Easy access to Facebook Chat directly from the desktop.
• Customizable chat colors, text sizes, as well as fonts.
• Audio notifications whenever chat messages are received. “Toasts” above the computer clock will appear when Facebook friends log in or out. Both functions may be disabled.
• Discreet chatting. This is made is possible with the program’s Ctrl + M function that quickly hides the chat messenger from the screen. Users may also select from among the 20 shortcuts to set this feature.
• Automatic saving of instant messages. In addition, the program supports a tabbed instant message system that permits the convenient monitoring of conversations.
• Support for proxy servers.
• User groups are supported. This means the users can group or divide their conversation buddies into categories such as family, friends, or colleagues.