Chicken Invaders UO 4.05

InterAction studios (Shareware)

Chicken Invaders – Ultimate Omelette (UO) is a shoot 'em up video game program developed by InterAction Studios. It was first released in 2011. The game is the fourth installment of the Chicken Invaders game series and the game’s theme is focused on a battle between space-faring chickens and a lone combat spacecraft. The space-faring chickens’ main goal is to conquer then destroy the Earth and the player’s goal is to stop the chickens. The game’s story starts with the player at the Space Burger. After a spaceship unexpectedly comes out from a portal, the ship talks to the player/hero and encourages him to follow him to the ship’s galaxy and see the Egg Cannon, the chicken’s latest creations.

This installment is almost similar to the Revenge of the Yolk installment. It features 120 waves over the 12 available levels and it includes different weapons that can be upgraded through the 11 power levels. There’s also a supercharged 12th level in this game. The weapons found in the Revenge of the Yolk can also be used in this game. However, these weapons must be unlocked first. Unlockable items in UO can be bought individually using the collected keys. In this game, the player is also capable of facing the spaceship to any direction. However, this depends on the level. Another new feature of this game is its ability to zoom in/out the camera.

Other features in the Chicken Invaders – Ultimate Omelette game include:
• Multiplayer mode playable over LAN, on the same computer or online
• Up to four players in the cooperative play
• 23 star systems
• 30 bonuses, 15 medals and 20 secret features
• Internet high score tables