Chicken Invaders Revenge of the Yolk. Easter Edition

Interaction Studios (Shareware)

Chicken Invaders Revenge of the Yolk Easter Edition is a game that features evil intergalactic chicken invaders. These creatures are seeking revenge for the oppression that Earthlings have wrought upon their brethren. Players of the game need to defend their home planet from angry attackers who have had enough of the grilling, roasting, frying, stuffing, and stewing of their chicken brethren on Earth.

The Chicken Invaders Revenge of the Yolk Easter Edition of the game offers gamers with six powerful weapons and 30 opportunities to collect special bonuses. In the game, players must succeed in fending off the attack or the intergalactic invaders would submit mankind to a miserable life of servitude. Players of the game can don an egg-repulsing helmet and can engage in a cooperative play that allows up to four players. The evil chicken came out of nowhere and it is up to the player to defeat the enemy and save the Earth and the rest of the Solar System from their vengeful intentions. Players need to fight 120 waves of attacking chickens through 12 star systems scattered across the galaxy.

Chicken Invaders Revenge of the Yolk Easter Edition is playable on computers that run on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. It requires Internet Explorer 7 browser or a higher version and 62 MB on the hard drive.