Chicken Invaders

InterAction Studios (Freeware)

Digital gaming company InterAction Studios presents the latest installment in their series of Chicken Invaders shoot ‘em games.  As with its predecessors, the most recent version of Chicken Invaders presents an engaging play which combines action with humor.  

In the game, players take on the role of Earth’s heroes – they must defeat a horde of technologically advance avian aliens (chickens) who are planning to conquer the planet.

In the tradition of Space Invaders and Galaga, Chicken Invaders is an arcade game aimed at annihilating alien troops.  Players control a ship and must shoot at on-coming invaders, with each wave ending when every single invader has been destroyed.   Each wave presents a new challenge, but also presents the players with power-ups and weapon upgrades.  Upon completing all ten waves, players need to face the big boss chicken to finish the level.  

Each level presents a more difficult challenge, with a faster onslaught from the enemies, and more eggs and asteroids to avoid.  The game ends when players lose all their lives, or when the enemy chickens finally conquer the planet.

Chicken Invaders uses simple keyboard controls: either A and D or the arrow keys to move left and right; Shift for firing the primary weapon; and Control key for firing missiles.