Chicken Invaders 2

InterAction studios (Proprietary)

Chicken Invaders 2 is the second entry in the Chicken Invaders game series. It was created by InterAction Studios. Like the previous installment, the game’s main theme is the battle between the player taking control of a lone spacecraft and the space-faring chicken race. In this game, the player’s goal is to defend the entire solar system from the race of technologically advanced chickens. There are eleven levels in the game with 10 waves each.

The gameplay requires the player to complete all 10 waves by killing all the chickens in order to proceed to the next level. In each wave, there is a flock of chickens trying to destroy the player’s spaceship by dropping in eggs and feathers all over the screen. The player must prevent these eggs and feather from hitting the spaceship while firing at the chickens. Players can also collect power-ups to have an advantage in the game. These power-ups are used to upgrade the player’s weapon. Players can upgrade a weapon to up to eleven levels. However, the player can only upgrade to the eleventh level if ten power-ups have been collected. Players can also collect drumsticks in order to get missiles. Missiles are special weapons capable of wiping out an entire wave.

In every level (except asteroid belt), the player can get a bonus like extra firepower or new weapon at the ninth wave provided that the player didn’t use missiles in that level. The 10th wave features a boss battle.