ChessBase Reader 12.7

ChessBase GmbH (Freeware)

ChessBase Reader is a multimedia player and viewer designed specially by ChessBase GmbH and released on March 2013. This program enables users to check and preview ChessBase resources. ChessBase is a stand-alone database for all chess-related resources including articles, videos, images, and game plays. The ChessBase Reader enables users to check the ChessBase Magazine that contains the most recent articles, game analyses, game tactics, video lectures, and game events.

ChessBase Reader features a Windows-based user interface complete with a ribbon menu at the top featuring options for Open, Purchased Data, Show Contents of DVD, and Board. The left panel shows the tree-view of local folder paths. The top window shows Database Icons that correspond to different types of ChessBase resources. Videos show as film reel icons, Trainings are shown as trainer shoes, gaming events show as clock faces, and magazines show the cover photo. Any database icon clicked is displayed on the Database Preview window at the bottom. When a gaming event or tournament is clicked, the preview window displays the available games included in that tournament, along with the players’ usernames and score. Users can also preview a particular game by clicking on a Tournament number. The game board for the current game is displayed on the rightmost portion of the Preview window. Users may also check on the game log for a particular game to show the sequence of moves made by the players.