ChessBase 9

ChessBase GmbH (Proprietary)

ChessBase GmbH developed and released the ChessBase 9 software to provide avid chess players with an online venue for gameplay. The German company is responsible for marketing this new chess software that provides more than just simulated games. Relevant and up to date news on the game as well as an online gaming server are also maintained.

ChessBase 9 is a piece of software that comes in a proprietary CD-DVD format. It is considered as a standalone application that provides its users with chess gameplay simulation. The program is not only intended for amateur hobbyists but professional chess masters as well. Aside from being able to play against worthy opponents, virtual and real-time, the program also provides an archive of moves and strategies that players can learn off of. There are different features that come with this program. Players do not only have the capability to enter and join games but also have the ability to save these games and make annotations as necessary. It is possible for the program users to save text data and commentary as well as store embedded images and soundtracks. There is also the possibility of storing video data when available.

Past games can easily be retrieved for future reference and players can generate tournaments across several networks when the multi-player option is selected. Game management is another feature that players can take advantage of. In this case, game sequences can be monitored and sent to and from different computer systems. Apart from this, the same feature allows players to access an archive of tactical themes and strategies.