ChessBase 10

ChessBase GmbH (Proprietary)

ChessBase 10 is a chess game for the PC. Chess is a classic board game that is played on a board with 64 squares of alternating colors (usually black and white). Two players play it. Each player has 16 similar pieces of different color. For example, the player's color is white while the opponent's color is black. Each piece has different ways of moving and attacking in the board. For example, the pawn moves one square vertically while the rook is capable of moving vertically or horizontally across a number of squares. The goal of every chess game is to capture the opponent's King. This can be done by putting the King in a position wherein it cannot move. Such a situation is called a checkmate.

Chessbase 10 lets the player play the game while providing additional features, such as access to the developer's database of chess games. This database includes information about official chess games in various tournaments as well as data on world-renowned chess players. In the software's interface, the chessboard is situated at the left side of the interface. The list of moves done by both the player and the opponent can be seen at the right side of the interface.