Chess nx

New Softer (Shareware)

Chess NX is a program that runs an application where users can play chess. It can be played against AI-controlled opponents. Just like other chess games, Chess Nx requires players to play the classic board game against an opponent. There is a checkered board that has 64 squares. The squares have alternating colors (light and dark). 16 of those squares in each player’s side will be occupied by chess pieces. The players will move the pieces; capture the opponent’s pieces, and ultimately capturing the king. The game ends when the opponent’s king is captured. The game can also end when the opponent has no other pieces left on the chess board.

Chess NX’s user interface is reminiscent of any chess board. This time, users can customize the design by selecting the color scheme. There is a sound effect. Users can disable the sound if they do not want it. This is particularly helpful to players who want to concentrate without any noise. There are 5 difficulty levels to choose from (Novice, easy, medium, hard, master). Novice has the minimum difficulty. Play the game through different levels to see what level is preferred. Users can also play with a friend.