Sliden (Proprietary)

Chernobyl, also commonly known as Chernobyl Commando, is a first-person shooter game developed by Sliden. It features Russian Special Forces that must stop future terrorist attacks. The main character played by the user is Yuri Ryakov, the captain of the Russian Special Forces. The primary objective of a player is to fight the enemies and prevent them from stealing nuclear and radioactive materials.

In this game, the terrorists have attacked Chernobyl Power Plant. It is a game inspired by the real Chernobyl disaster that happened in Ukraine. It is the goal of Yuri Ryakov (played by users) along with a partner Captain Fedor Strushyn to stop and defeat the enemies. The mission is to destroy all radioactive materials to prevent the enemies from using them in terrorist attacks. Included in the storyline of the game is that the enemies have gone as far as Iraq. The Russian Special Forces have to chase and hunt them down.

Chernobyl is developed with advanced Argon 5 technology. With this kind of technology, graphics capture realistic characters and events in animation. It includes moving animals, plant life, atmospheric effects, shadows and reflections, water, light, and explosions.

Players can choose various types of guns for shooting and killing enemies. They can also rely on silent weapons, such as knives. There are also bombs and other weapons available to use. For transportation, players can select to ride or drive on cars and helicopters.