Micron (Freeware)

CHEMIX is a free editor that users can make use of online. It comes with tools for creating chemistry diagrams and images. It can be used by both teachers and students. The program comes with apparatuses commonly used in science experiments and other chemistry projects. These include containers, heating instruments, filtering components, transportation tools, ceramics, and many others. Users just need to click on a category and select one of the objects needed. Any item from the apparatus menu can be added to the work area. For first time users, there is a Controls window where there are key combinations that can be used for managing the items placed on the work area.

Other features of the CHEMIX program are the following:

• Exporting – Diagrams and projects created online on the work area can be exported as a JPG image and saved to the user’s computer. This is useful for creating projects that are needed for school.
• Workspace – The wide area on the workspace allows users to create elaborate drawings that are needed for chemistry projects. In addition, users can also pan and zoom around the work area.
• Apparatus – The application offers a wide variety of tools and apparatus to choose from including crucibles and covers, petri dishes, beakers, flasks, tubes, and many others.