ChemFinder for Word

CambridgeSoft Corp. (Proprietary)

ChemFinder for Word is a database search program developed by CambridgeSoft.Com. It is one of the programs included in the ChemOffice Suite and ChemBioOffice. This program can be standalone or combined with ChemBioFinder, a similar program but with capabilities of searching biology-related data. This application can help users find structure files embedded in Word documents saved in thecomputer. It has an intelligent database structure that promotes organization and faster search results to produce the document in time.

This program supports multiple chemical structure files. They are recognized upon searching and present them once the items are found within the document. Structure file types vary like SKC, CDX, SDF, RXN and MOL. Aside from finding the structure files, they can be exported as SDfiles and used for other documentations. SDFiles stands for structure data files and are usually seen if a file has something to do with chemical information. Exporting is a simple process and will not take a lot of time despite of how many files will be collected. Searching across multiple files also delivers fast results.

While finding structure files is a breeze, it also offers accurate structure correlation together with its properties. Delivering accurate results is crucial for chemists because of their need to generate data fast, for reports and presentations. ChemFinder for Word is one of the programs included in the suite and simple to use and navigate.