Extra EBSCO Industries Inc. (Shareware)

ChemExpert is a valuable resource for people dealing with potentially hazardous chemicals in their work. This utility contains comprehensive information on thousands of substances making it invaluable to people who work with such substances. Toxicology and chemical hazard information is made more accessible to users with this application. With this tool, critical information is within reach.

Users of ChemExpert find that it is convenient for them to find information, share data, and save their work via the ExPub interface. Users can take advantage of more than 100 collections on toxicology with an international scope.

This program contains data from national and international including the following: 1) National Toxicology Program, 2) National Library of Medicine, 3) Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, 4) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 4) International Agency for Research on Cancer, and 5) World Health Organization.

ChemExpert has many uses. It may be implemented for training or educational purposes, for compliance in the workplace, evaluation of product safety, and implementation of chemical approval processes, among others. It also boasts of substance-specific data that covers a wide array of chemical substances that are widely used in biochemistry, physiology, and pharmacology. The information contained in this utility is constantly being updated so that it remains relevant to users.