ChemDraw Ultra

CambridgeSoft Corp. (Proprietary)

ChemDraw Ultra is a drawing program developed by CambridgeSoft.Com. This program is designed for chemists and educators that need to prepare visuals for presentations or publications. It may also come as additional component in the more recent program release, ChemBioDraw Ultra 13. This is an intuitive tool that aids chemists in drawing the molecular structure of different chemicals and organic components like amino acids and peptides. It allows for accurate chemical structuring, which is very efficient for experts with deadlines to meet.

Aside from drawing, this program can also help chemists to predict pre-synthesis properties, which is efficient in identifying compounds. With the solution, pre-synthesis prediction is also a good way to cost cut in conducting experimentations by gauging the components that possess needed chemical properties. Data accuracy is boosted with its spectra-generating feature, correct IUPAC name, and stoichiometry reaction computation. Its powerful set of tools gives way to better substructural query type handling.

In addition to providing a simple drawing procedure, this application also promotes fast search procedure in in-house, public or commercial databases. Finding all the necessary structures makes the program more efficient to use. The drawing tool is a compact program and is optimized according to professional chemists’ requirements. Drawings can be created and imported in preparation for needed documentations that experts must present.