CambridgeSoft Corp. (Proprietary)

ChemDraw is a chemical drawing application for chemists. It is used in creating publication-ready and scientifically clever illustrations for use in ELNs, publications, and databases. It is also used in questioning chemical databases. This program is used across many chemistry disciplines in handling organic, polymeric, biopolymer materials (amino acids, DNA and RNA sequences, and peptides), and organo-metallic materials. The program is used to identify compounds that may have the needed properties before deciding to synthesize them. It is used to generate spectra, create correct IUPAC names, and calculate stoichiometry.

In ChemDraw, the AutoNom IUPAC names from structures. It has an online menu that links to for chemical sourcing and ordering.  It is integrated with ChemOffice suite.The ChemDraw plugin adds to the browser chemical intelligence for querying databases and visualize data from other sites.

Other features of the application are the following:
• Support for importing and exporting data to different chemical file formats like SKC, MOL, or SDF
• Stereochemistry recognition
• Has reaction interpreter that parses chemical reactions that are color-coded
• Built-in collection of tools used for sub-structural query types (bonds, ring or chain sizes, Rgroups, genetic atoms, and other types of atoms)
• Support for displaying multi-page documents