CambridgeSoft Corp. (Freeware)

ChemBio Finder is an online service where students and professionals can gain access to a biology and chemistry databases that consist of millions of resources, white papers, and studies. Users can make five searches without registering. More searches can be made by registering for a free account on the website. The website gives users access to products and services, publications, news, articles, and webinars. ChemBio Finder offers information on compounds including the CAS registry number, weight, molecular formula, and the exact structure of the compound. Other information that can be viewed includes molecular formula, key strings, and basic profiles.

ChemBio Finder gives users access to different online sources, such as reference databases, reaction databases, and sourcing databases. Some of the sources included in the list are the Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis, Sigma Aldrich MSDS, ChemINDEX Database, Martindale for Scientists, Pharmaceutical Experiments, and many more. A complete list of the databases can be viewed on the website.

Users can conduct basic searches using the name of the compound, or advanced searches using chemical identifiers, (synonym, registry ID, or InChlKey) or chemical properties (molecular weight or molecular formula). Users also have the options to choose which database to search. More information can be viewed by subscribing to other services on the website.