CambridgeSoft Corp. (Proprietary)

Chem3D is a plugin, that when used with specific Scientific software, can extend the desktop function of the latter allowing program users to manipulate any 3D molecular models that have been embedded into the system. CambridgeSoft Corp. developed the Chem3D plugin and it comes with their Science Desktop program bundle. Instead of limiting one’s ability to the viewing of molecular models on the main interface of the program, this will allow for any rotational manipulation not to mention editing of the embedded molecular model, making the entire educational experience livelier.

The primary software bundle is commonly used as an educational tool wherein molecular models can directly be created by students or viewed through the element database installed in the program. The thing about viewing a static image on the screen is that it can easily get boring and in order to encourage participation from program users, the Chem3D plugin is highly relevant indeed. By allowing the program users to rotate, shift, or even edit the existing molecular model, it is possible for them to learn more from the experience through the hands-on approach. Not only is higher learning fostered but the interest of the user in the subject is also triggered resulting in more benefits from the learning package.