CheckIt Diagnostics

Smith Micro Software, Inc. (Proprietary)

CheckIt Diagnostics is a program that conducts comprehensive in-depth tests on the many different components of a computer system. It scope of functions include tests on the hard disk, RAM, USB port, and network hardware set-up. This versatile utility is designed to perform tests on attached devices such as printers as well. In a nutshell, CheckIt Diagnostics is designed to detect system problems, including identification of any existing issues with attached software.

CheckIt Diagnostics is developed by Smith Micro Software, Inc. It offers users a viable alternative to bringing a dysfunctional computer to a technician for diagnostics and repairs. This program covers all pertinent areas with regard to hardware diagnostics and alerts the user of potential problems so that they can be addressed early on, and before there is irreversible damage. One program provides protection to three separate computer systems.

CheckIt Diagnostics by Smith Micro Software, Inc. allows the user to relax and do other activities while the tests are being conducted. The user only has to set the program to work and after five to ten minutes, it will provide accurate results. Once hidden hardware failures are brought out to the open so that computer errors are eliminated and no unpleasant surprises arise when least expected. This utility is capable of revealing current issues on the drivers, the system software registry, and the codecs.