Cheats Maximal Rus 14.1 (Freeware)

Cheats Maximal Rus is an application for searching for game cheats. It caters to Russian language games, but English titles are available, too. The program offers cheats and codes for more than 9,000 games. After the installation of the application, users can launch the program to start looking for cheats and game codes for the games. The cheat codes provided in the application can be used to acquire more money, health, ammunition, and other in game items. The program does not provide hints or solutions to game missions or challenges.

Players can also go to the program’s website in order to view guides and help files for using the program. There are several gaming utilities that can be found on the website. Players can also search for game codes and cheats using the search fields on the website (

The Cheat Maximal Rus application’s database is updated at least once a month. The application is only available in the Russian language. A separate application must be downloaded in order to view the program in English.

Other features of the application are:
Simple and easy-to-use interface
Contains new and classic games
Absolutely free
Includes games for PC and consoles
Online support for beginners