Cheatbook Database 2012


CheatBook Database 2012 is a program that provides a collection of game cheats, tips, walkthroughs, hints and more. It was first released in 1998. The program offers game help for multiple consoles including PC, Playstation, Nintendo, Gameboy, iPhone and more. This database covers up to 21,000 games. When launched, it displays a list of games alphabetically. The available game cheats and help are also categorized into PC Cheats, Walkthroughs and Console for easy searching. It also has a search tab where users only have to type in the game they want to find.

Double-clicking a certain game name will display an editor window. This window can be used to perform available functions such as saving or printing the game cheat/walkthrough. Other notes, attached files or screenshots related to that game are also provided in this window. Aside from the program’s own database, it also has a “search engine” and “own base” categories that enable users to search for a particular game online or on the user’s own database. The application also serves as a way for users to share their own game secrets with others. It can be used to add new cheats or edit existing data. There’s also the My Favorites feature, which can be used to mark favorite items on the database for future use.  

Other features offered by Cheatbook Database 2012 include:

• Built-in hex editor
• Tetris game
• History log
• Cheat stats and more