Cheatbook 04.2012

Cheatbook (Freeware)

Cheatbook is the website responsible for creating and releasing Cheatbook 04.2012 in April 2012. This is a downloadable cheat platform that serves as a tracker for cheat codes that can be applied to different games. Those who download the platform can skip levels in their favorite games without having to play through them. Aside from skipping levels, special power-ups and bonuses can also be attained with the use of the available codes.

The book contains a series of hints, tips, and solid tricks that can be applied to some of the most popular PC games in the market. A majority of these hints can be used on many top-rated action and adventure games. There are hints that are applicable to more than three hundred PC games. Aside from this, Cheatbook users can also take advantage of a number of available PC walkthroughs. There are also more than twenty console cheats in Cheatbook 04.2012, which now includes those that can be used in various games of strategy.

The information a player needs is convenient to access since the available data have been organized alphabetically. Users simply have to choose a game and the program will immediately display cheat codes and other relevant game tips contained in the database.