Cheat Happens Trainer Manager

Cheat Happens (Shareware)

Cheat Happens Trainer Manager is an application that assists in managing the user's trainers or cheat manual for video games. Trainers are a collection of cheats for specific video games. These cheat collections are downloaded to the user's computer. However, the cheat collection is always updated by adding new cheats and information. With Cheat Happens Trainer Manager, users will be notified if their downloaded "trainers" have new content or have been updated. If it is, the application will prompt for an update so that the user will have an up-to-date version of their trainers.

Cheat Happens Trainer Manager can manage five or more trainers per account. This depends on the version purchased by the user - unregistered and registered. Unregistered users can manage up to 5 trainers. Registered users can manage an infinite number of cheats. For efficiency, hotkeys are implemented on the application. Furthermore, it can notify new trainers that are added in Cheat Happen's library. The notification is just a quick reminder and the user has the option ton do something about it or not. There are hundreds of trainers available at the Cheat Happens website. These trainers contain cheats for specific games to help players while playing them. These games range from one genre to another, from Sci-Fi to horror, from action to RPG, etc.