Cheat Engine 6.2

Cheat Engine (Freeware)

The Cheat Engine (CE) is an open source hex editor, debugger and memory scanner program developed by Eric Heijnen. It was initially developed to assist in altering the difficulty of single player games, making them easier or harder. The program is coded in Object Pascal. It finds inputted values with different sets of options that can be used to search and sort through the computer’s memory. The Cheat Engine application also features other helpful tools to assist in debugging games or other Windows-based applications.

The Cheat Engine (CE) program can display memory processes and make modifications. This provides advantages to users for certain games. Some of these benefits can be infinite time, health or ammunition. The application also offers a Direct3D manipulation instrument that can be used to zoom in or zoom out the game, or seeing through the game’s walls. Some people also use this application to create aimbots.

The application has two coding branches. These are the Cheat Engine Lazarus and the Cheat Engine Dephi. The Cheat Engine Lazarus is created for 32- and 64-bit Windows Vista while the Cheat Engine Delphi is mainly used for 32-bit Windows XP versions.

The Cheat Engine application offers a plug-in architecture. This is mainly used by users who do not intend to share their source codes. The plug-in architecture is often used for game specific features. The plug-in selection is available in different locations on the official website of Cheat Engine as well as other gaming websites.