ChapterXtractor 0.962

Christophe Paris (Freeware)

ChapterXtractor is a tool that can create chapter files in different formats. It does this by extracting a chapter's time by reading the tables in a DVD IFO file. It will allow the creation of Chapter Points, so when a user uses a remote control, he can jump from chapter to chapter. This tool will also enable the chapter files to be duplicated and converted into popular formats such as MP4.

ChapterXtractor doesn't need to be installed. Once unzipping is done, the user can immediately run ChaptrXtractor.exe. Formats can be customized. Using pre-installed formats can also be done. The program can also allow users to extract specific times for each cell rather than the chapters, especially when they are not the same.

Adding offset in frames can adjust timing. The result can also be synchronized with an AVI file. This makes the chapter's frame number be in the nearest key frame. This will allow faster seeking whenever a user needs to search for a specific time frame in file. Using a time based format will make the offset be in milliseconds. If the DVD doesn't have a last chapter, ChapterXtractor will disable the last chapter automatically, especially if it's less than 5 seconds.