Chapter and Verse

Loden Software (Freeware)

Chapter and Verse is an application that provides users with the ability to create chapterized audiobooks for Quicktime, iPodm and iTunes from Windows operating systems. With this tool, users can combine multiple files in the AAC or Advanced Audio Coding format into a single file with marks for each chapter. Users with non-AAC files can automatically convert these to AAC format using iTunes.

Along with audiobook chapter creation, users can also modify or delete chapters from combined audiobooks. For greater ease of use, the application can automatically create chapters at the beginning of each input file. Chapters may be added into audiobook files at regular intervals according to user-defined specifications. This program makes it possible for users to specify the cover artwork for the combined audiobook and the image that will be used for each chapter, which will be shown during playback on iPods, iTunes, and Quicktime.

There are 14 metadata or information tags available that users can modify, including Composer, Artist, Title, and Album. Chapter and Verse automatically creates a virtual copy that users can listen to in order to test the changes before building or saving the combined audiobook. The project files that include the metadata settings and input files are also saved for editing at a later time if necessary.