Change Folder Icons 8.7

Andrey Lyapunov, Nesoft Inc. 2001-2008 (Shareware)

Change Folder Icons is used for changing the standard icons for Windows shortcuts. Changing icons can be done in just a few clicks. It comes with a search tool that enables users to look for icons that are stored in the computer. The program’s interface has different sections. The Icon Preview area is located at the upper left part of the window. This is where users can view the Current and New icons for a folder. A tree view of folders is displayed, too.

When changing icons, users have several options to choose from. These include the icon’s size in pixels and colors. Icon properties can be changed as well. Icons and sets can be saved and used at a later time. This program has support for the Windows context menu. This allows users to easily change icons just by right clicking on the folder and selecting “Change Folder Icon” from the list. Key features of this application are as follows:

• Capable of extracting icons from different sources and files, such as ICL, LIB, DLL, and EXE
• Users can create their own icon sets and libraries that can be shared with other users
• Search icons in the system according to different categories, such as size and color