Championship Manager 2008 1

Eidos (Shareware)

Championship Manager 2008 is part of the Championship Manager series of PC games. In the game, the Champ Man provides a player with the chance to manage one club out of 400 clubs from 21 leagues throughout the planet. The management challenge consists of a realistic full-scale season-to-season football gameplay. Football managing difficulties lie in the complexities of having thousands of players sign up for the manager’s club. The manager is tasked with the responsibility of developing the attributes of the players. As the latter submits to the training processes, they must eventually work with the Manager to rake in a profit.
Championship Manager allows the gamer to play using the multi-player mode and manage nations. A player can utilize the “Club Benefactor,” a privilege that allows him to gain more money. Player statistics are recorded in a comprehensive database through ProZone. The data kept there is useful for the management decisions of the Champ Man. Being a completely integrated Post Match Analysis program, ProZone serves to determine key factors that define the result of the game. Armed with this information, the player can plan and modify his next actions for the sake of fortifying his team for the next game.