Championship Manager 2007

Beautiiful Game Studios (Proprietary)

Championship Manager 2007 is a game in which players are tasked to manage a football team and build it up to win in world championships. In this game, players are given control over every aspect of football team management, from selecting football players to picking out uniforms. The game has a well-organized interface that makes the game easy to play for both beginners and advanced users. It comes with a menu shortcut system and a dynamic side bar for easier navigation.

One of the most notable features of the game is its Match Analysis Tool, which is able to show the statistics of the game after every match. Another feature is the ProZone, which shows the stats of each player involved in the matches, such as the runs made, goals scored, and the passes or shots made or failed. The statistics provided by the game is crucial in helping users come up with team decisions for their next tournament.

Players can also give team talks before the match, at half-time, and after the match. They can give pointers and instructions for the match, such as intimidating opponents. After the match, players can praise or criticize their team as a whole or individually. The game also provides players with comprehensive data updates for leagues, clubs, staff, and team players.