MumboJumbo, LLC (Proprietary)

Chainz is an action puzzle game created by MumboJumbo and released by GameHouse in November 2003. Chainz is another game out of the color-matching game genre. Chainz gameplay involves users linking 3 or more chain links of the same color. Chains may be placed vertically or horizontally so the objective is to link them up in one direction. For example, even if 2 yellow chain links are placed side by side, unless they are placed both horizontally, they will not link up. Users should click the specific links to rotate them in position.

Chainz is available for unlimited play. There are two game modes—Normal and Time Attack. In Normal mode, the usual gameplay is used. In Time attack mode, there is a definite time constraint where the player has to score the most number of links within the time limit. Some chain links are special and linking them up will give players bonus points.

Chainz may be played offline upon download. Players may also play in Full screen or Windowed mode. Chainz user interface features the Score box, Round number, and remaining time on the left panel. Right panel shows the main gameboard. When stuck, players may avail of the Hint button to see the available moves. Chainz also features a Help Guide, which can be accessed by clicking the Instructions button.