Cfont Pro

Veign, LLC (Freeware)

Cfont Pro is a font manager for all the fonts that are installed in the computer. It supports all popular font types, such as Postscript, Bitmap, OpenType, and TrueType. It also has a customizable user interface. On the main browser, the list of installed fonts can be seen on the left side of the window. When a font is selected, its properties are displayed at the bottom left part of the window and the font is shows in different sizes on the main display screen. Other information about the font can be read at the bottom part of the window and font properties are located at the right side of the window.

With this application, users can back up all the fonts that are installed, move them in different locations, or uninstall them. Fonts can also be printed out directly from the application’s interface. Other main features of this application are listed below:

• Font preview – Fonts that are stored inside drives, folders, and discs can be previewed using the application.
• Magnifier – The program also comes with a magnifier that enables users to see the font closely.
• Font packager – The font packager allows users to pack several fonts into a single file so it can easily be transferred to another location.