Cemetery Warrior


Cemetery Warrior is a shooter game that puts players in a cemetery where they have to fight groups of zombies in order to stay alive. The game is set in a three-dimensional environment and players have three types of weapons to use for killing zombies. The game is played in a first person point-of-view perspective. The player must go through the cemetery while zombies appear from different sides of the screen. The game also features an accompanying soundtrack that makes the game more interesting and exciting to play.

Different meters for weapons and the player’s life are located at the bottom right and bottom left part of the screen. Players get to fight different types of zombies along the way. The three available weapons can be changed by the player anytime during the game. Players must have a strategy on the weapon to use for the different types of zombies in order to survive. Weapons and missiles are unlimited, so players are free to shoot the zombies however they want. The game also features a physics engine, which makes the zombies behave realistically when shot. After defeating zombies, players must then go against the zombie boss in order to complete the game.