Celtx 2.9.7

Greyfirst Corporation (Shareware)

Celtx is a media preproduction application developed by Greyfirst Corporation. It is used for organizing and creating media projects such as films, screenplays, stage plays, audio plays, comics, and others. It is a client-server program, which provides an integrated approach to preproduction of media projects.

Celtx offers features specifically designed for screenwriters or anyone involved in media preproduction. It includes a screenwriting editor used for stageplays, screenplays, radio plays, and even comic books. A rich text editor is available for creating outlines. The program also features Celtx Studios, which provides users a way to collaborate with other people for online storage. Users can publish the created scripts in the Celtx Forum for other people to review, view, and comment. The application uses the Mozilla Sunbird for handling production schedules and calendaring.

The program offers 35 elements like special effects and action, which can be integrated in the project. These elements can include different information like text and media. The application also offers users a way to tag elements, which can be transferred automatically to script breakdowns. The application also features pre-visualization tools including a sketch tool and storyboarding. The sketch tool is used for drawing sketches or setups while the storyboarding tool is used for creating storyboard sequences. The sketches and setups created using the sketch tool can also be integrated with the storyboard.