CDRoller 9.50.60

Digital Atlantic Corp. (Shareware)

CD Roller is a CD/DVD data recovery program developed by Digital Atlantic Corporation. It has support for different CD/DVD formats such as Blu-Ray and HD DVD. The program is also capable of reading both CD/DVD with UDF File Systems that was written by Ahead Nero or Roxio software. Reading un-finalized (“left as is” or “open”) CD/DVDs is also possible. The application is also capable of searching for VOB files on mini DVD. This is helpful when a recorded video cannot be launched due to camcorder failure or interrupted disc finalization. A built-in UDF reader is available as well. This utility is used for viewing and managing old disks.

CD Roller also features a built-in Split Video tool. This utility is used for converting recovered VOB data to MPEG2 files allowing users to play it on standard Windows Media Player. The application can also be used to extract image files (JPEG format) from CD-R and CD-RW. It is also possible to find and retrieve lost images, videos and other file types from flash memory cards. The program also has a built-in DVD authoring tool. This utility is used for making new discs in DVD-V format. Compiling CD/DVD from recovered data or ISO images is possible as well. The program also supports external hex editor programs for analyzing disc contents.