CDMenuPro V6 6.4

KS-SW - Klaus Schwenk Software (Shareware)

CDMenuPro V6 is a program that enables users to create graphical user interfaces and menus for portable storage devices such as USB thumbdrives, DVDs, and CDs. This application has a library of menu bars, selection boxes, buttons, and other tools that users can apply to their program, document, and presentation interfaces. With this program, companies and entrepreneurs can incorporate their company and product logos into the portable media they give out to clients and customers.

The portable media devices can be configured to run automatically once these are inserted into the computer. This application adds an autorun feature for devices; users can also add different media elements such as a short introductory video with sound and a splash screen. With an autorun menu, end-users such as clients can easily click a “Play” button from the menu to view the presentation contained within a storage media.

In addition, CDMenuPro V6 also protects the user’s files from being accessed by unauthorized persons. It comes with ArchiveSafe, a feature that is developed to allow users to protect files with a password. Only those who are given the password may access the contents in the CD, DVD, or USB drive. This is especially important for protecting confidential information.

The application has a drag-and-drop interface for easy autorun menu creation, as well as project assistants and ready-to-use templates to help users finish projects faster.