J. River, Inc. (Freeware)

CD Labeler is a CD-labeling tool developed by J. River Inc. The program allows the creation of CD titles. It can also create a list of tracks and artist information. All functions of the program are integrated with Label Wizard Tree. The CD labels can then be printed afterwards.

There are different options that the user can explore. The software allows the user to control the information displayed on the CD. The information from the Label Wizard Tree is editable. The user can provide the title and artist name. The user also has the option to include these information on the track listings. To edit, the user only has to click on the information. The program also allows the label to be printed through the “Print” Option. From there, the user can select the printer and specify the paper. The program allows printing of jewel case front covers, back covers, and the CD Labels.

The program also allows customization of the front and back cover. The user can choose the information to print. The user can also select the background image. This is possible when there is no specified theme. The back label can also be customized. The user can select the information to be printed. The program also allows the user to preview the items prior to printing through a preview button.