Invicion Software Solutions (Shareware)

The MP3 is a popular format used in various audio files. Saving a file into this particular format does not only save disk space but also ensures that the quality of the audio file is maintained. For those who have massive collections of compact discs, they can now copy and convert these into MP3 files that they can easily store in their computers or transfer to their portable music players. The program is called CDGRip and it was created for the purpose of ripping or copying CD stored audio files and transforming them into computer-ready mp3s.

There are different features that can be expected from this particular program starting with a simplified user interface that displays all of the necessary conversion tools within reach. The user simply has to put a CD into the disc reader and it is automatically assessed by the program. The user can choose to import all files under the CD or select particular ones to convert. The application will then apply its error correction component ensuring that the quality of the audio file is maintained.

Ripping takes a short amount of time with the CDGRip and the user can choose from two naming methods for the newly generated mp3s namely CDDB or FreeDB. These naming options allow for easy searching and archiving not only on the host computer but also online for when the file is shared to different communities. What allows the program to generate great quality mp3s is its ability to remove any vocal channels that CDs come with. It makes everything digital so the files can also be edited as necessary.