CDex 1.79

Georgy Berdyshev (Freeware)

The CDex software is a CCDA (Compact Disc Digital Audio) Utility that extracts files from audio CDs. The extracted files appear as WAV files, but the program can be used to convert these files to other formats. The audio file can also be compressed as the program supports various audio encoders including Lame MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FAAC, Internal Mp2, and many more. Users can also store album information in the cdplayer.ini file of the program.

The application’s interface has all the buttons and tools needed for extracting data. Information, such as artist, album, genre, and year are displayed on the upper portion of the window. The files can be found at the bottom part of the window. The Setup Screen contains all the technical information for the files. The Setup is separated into six tabs – General, Filenames, CD ROM, Encoder, Local CDDB, and Remote CDDB.

Here are more features of CDex:
direct recording of multiple tracks
normalization of audio signal
advanced jitter correction
support for playlist files
support for CD text

The CDex application uses cdparanoia, a compact disc ripper technology, which ensures flawless ripping from audio CDs. Support for users can be found on the Help Forum on the developer’s website.