Stefano Falda Software (Shareware)

CDEdit is a tool that can be used to print labels for CD and DVA. This program may also be used during the design process. There is no need for advanced computer programming knowledge to use this program effectively. CDEdit is a lightweight yet versatile utility that does not take up much room in the computer memory.

CDEdit is a utility developed by Stefano Falda Software that allows the user to add colorful and interesting patterns and color combinations to serve as CD/DVD cover. For as long as the computer is connected to a color printer, this program facilitates the design of compelling images that make a CD more attractive and enticing to behold.

CDEdit makes the process of CD/DVD cover design efficient. It does not take a very long time to complete a design. The colors and images chosen are then printed as they appear on the computer screen. The images that may be used with this program’s design tools can come from the Internet or the computer.

CDEdit supports a number of different formats including CD-I, CD-DA 5, CD-RW, CD-ROM, MiniCD, and Music Disc. CDEdit by Stefano Falda Software is a reliable tool that makes CDs played on any disc reader device more fascinating to view and more visually compelling.