CdCoverCreator 2.5.3

Thyante Software (Freeware)

CDCoverCreator is a CD and DVD application that allows for the creation of CD covers and booklets. The software pulls data on the Internet to look for CD covers of music albums and songs. Since CD booklets contain song information, the program also gets the data from the Internet for album information. It can also pull lyrics from the web. Users can see where the program gets the data through the "Program Settings" option. These data collected is used for the CD booklet and other things that are often contained in CD album packages, such as the cover, the inlays, and the labels.

CDCoverCreator also has the ability to get data straight from the physical CD package. CD covers can be scanned on the computer so that it can be used in CDCoverCreator. There are numerous template options for album art and cover layout. It can even export track listings from other sources, such as Microsoft Word and Excel. The Lyrics Browser bundled with the software can put together lyrics from the physical CD or from the Internet. Users can also choose what type of CD cover they wish to create. There are options to create covers for slim cases, sleeves, and plastic cases.