CD Sync

Ankit Rajpoot (Freeware)

CD Sync is a disk cataloging program developed by Ankit Rajpoot and released on June 2010. The program enables users to catalog their storage media. Supported storage types include hard disks, flash drives, and disk media including DVDs and CDs. Once catalogued, the program enables users to browse and search through the contents of the storage drive even without the physical drive being attached to the system.

This program’s capabilities include assigning the disc image file to one of several predefined categories or to one created by the user. It also features comprehensive search capabilities, in which users can search for folders and files within folders using several search categories. These include file type, file size, and other attributes. The program likewise offers search facilities using metadata attributes like title, description, artist name, and company name, among others. It also features content-sensitive search capabilities.

CD Sync is available in a portable version. This allows users to access their catalogs at any time. The program can be saved and launched from a flash drive, thumb drive, or even an online drive. Catalogs of files created using the program retain their folder and file structure. This makes it easy for users to search and find files. The program also stores the file properties of different kinds of file types. Music files store the album title, artist name, and song title. Document files retain the subject, company, and category, when specified during document creation. Video and picture properties retain info like size, camera, or resolution.