CD Catalog Expert

Zero2000 Software (Proprietary)

CD Catalog Expert is a cataloging tool developed by Zero2000 Software and released on January 2009. The program enables users to organize and catalog different types of media files among different storage devices including hard disk drives, USB drives, and network drives. CD Catalog Expert works with all types of storage devices from disc media to disk drives. It is compatible with CD-ROMS and DVD-ROMS, as well as storage drives of different file systems including CDFS, NTFS, FAT, and FAT32.

This program is highly useful in organizing media collections including movies, pictures, and music. It allows users to search for files easier and faster. The program offers a search feature with customizable search settings. Users may specify the search location, the search process, and the search query. The program also supports search wildcards like “*” and “?”. Search filters are also available to trim down search results.

CD Catalog Expert features advanced cataloging features including category hierarchies, a Favorites manager, and a report generator. The program creates catalog files that may be converted into XML, HTML or TXT format for easier viewing and sharing to other users. These files may be transferred from one storage device to another, and sent via email. The program offers a Windows Explorer-like user interface showing the descriptions for each file or folder in the collection.